Ladue News Feature Stories

Quality Underfoot

“We all find something in life that will catch our passion and that’ll be something that sticks with us forever,” Greg Halbert says. “For some people, it’s couture clothing; for other people, it’s glassware.” For Halbert, though, it’s rugs. The native Missourian owns Halbert Rug Co. on Manchester Road in Warson Woods. In his shop,… Continue reading Quality Underfoot

Ladue News Feature Stories

Taking on the Big Apple

St. Louis interior designer Jacob Laws has made a name for himself locally with his fierce passion for art in all forms. The award-winning head of Jacob Laws Interior Design has worked tirelessly over the years to build a brand that reflects his style – and it’s paid off. Laws kicked off 2018 in New… Continue reading Taking on the Big Apple

Happily Ever After Stories

Happily Ever After: Titus and the Gummersheimer Family

Once upon a time, a puppy was found all alone in a storm drain in East St. Louis. He had severe sarcoptic mange and was missing a lot of his fur. In June of last year, Gateway Pet Guardians rescued the pup and got him started on treatment for mange. He also contracted the deadly… Continue reading Happily Ever After: Titus and the Gummersheimer Family