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Bold As Brass

For decades, stainless steel and chrome finishes have dominated the design industry, leaving one of the formerly trendiest metals – brass – in the dust. Over the course of the past few years, however, brass has been making a slow and steady comeback, reasserting itself as a fun finish for everything from light fixtures to… Continue reading Bold As Brass

Dancing Astronaut

Soak up some synthwave nostalgia in The Midnight’s new album, ‘Kids’

Long gone are the carefree days of our youth. The breezy, blissful moments of our childhood have faded away into adulthood, and The Midnight take time to reflect on those times gone by in their new album. Though vocalist Tyler Lyle insists that “we are not a sentimental age,” the duo’s latest venture may suggest otherwise. The nine-track Kids contrasts… Continue reading Soak up some synthwave nostalgia in The Midnight’s new album, ‘Kids’

Ladue News Feature Stories

Hitting the Mark

Ellen Pendry had always been creative, but she never envisioned becoming a boutique owner. Pendry had been teaching high school art for a few years before learning she was pregnant. Although a St. Louis native, she and her husband were living in Chicago, looking to return south. When he got a job and they moved… Continue reading Hitting the Mark

Ladue News Feature Stories

Fleur de Midtown

As a creative, Sarah-Marie Land is always seeking ways to express herself and support the things she loves. The artist, photographer and teacher is passionate about traveling, all things France – and shopping. Land is always on the hunt for the best deals, and she eventually gathered a small collection of clothing items she wanted… Continue reading Fleur de Midtown