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Game on at Saint Louis Science Center

In October, the Saint Louis Science Center revealed its latest offering: a 7,500-square-foot free interactive exhibit called GameXPloration. The exhibit focuses on how games affect all of humankind and how aspects of psychology, neuroscience and technology each play a role in the world of games. Found around the left corner from the main entrance, GameXPloration… Continue reading Game on at Saint Louis Science Center

Ladue News Feature Stories

Evocative Aromas

Grandma’s house when you were younger. A freshly picked homegrown tomato. That boutique hotel where you stayed on your favorite vacation. Particular smells are instantly transportive, summoning places and memories often long-forgotten. This element is something St. Louisan Natalie Van Hee set out to pursue, and she started Glow Candle Co. in 2014 in hopes… Continue reading Evocative Aromas

Ladue News Feature Stories

Agents of Change

With a mission to inspire and enable all young people to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis has started an incredible new endeavor: the Ferguson Teen Center of Excellence. Just one year after celebrating its 50th anniversary in St. Louis, the organization… Continue reading Agents of Change

Happily Ever After Stories

Happily Ever After: D-O-G and the Duo Family

Once upon a time, a kitten lived in a barn at Netherfield Natural Farm bed-and-breakfast in Fontana, Kansas. The youngster spent his days in the barn with his brothers and sisters, mixing and mingling with the other farm animals and greeting guests who stayed at the B&B. One day in July 2017, Nadine Wenig of… Continue reading Happily Ever After: D-O-G and the Duo Family

Dancing Astronaut

Varien weaves a dark and vulnerable web in ‘Death Asked A Question’ [EP Premiere + Interview]

In his seven years producing as Varien, Nick Kaelar has consistently surpassed genre constructs and proven himself a true mastermind of the electronic music realm. Having always fostered an affinity for music and composing, Kaelar made a name for himself with notable works such as his Skrillex orchestral suite and innovative originals like "Valkyrie" with… Continue reading Varien weaves a dark and vulnerable web in ‘Death Asked A Question’ [EP Premiere + Interview]

Ladue News Feature Stories

Cut From the Same Cloth

Grandmas are the cornerstones of many families. They’re often the ones who bring everyone together and are the matriarchal foundation for generations to come. In the case of sisters Jenny Chao and Emily Duddy, their grandmother is not only one of their greatest inspirations but also the reason their monogramming business, Gin & Kin, exists.… Continue reading Cut From the Same Cloth

Ladue News Feature Stories

Hooked on Herend

For close to 200 years, Herend has wowed the world with its handmade, hand-painted porcelain creations. Founded in Herend, Hungary, in 1826, the company has grown to become the largest producer of handmade porcelain in the world. Each piece’s signature patterns and attention to detail set the Herend brand apart and have made its longstanding… Continue reading Hooked on Herend

Ladue News Feature Stories

Love Beside a Lush Lake

Cecily Hoffius and Judith Bellos have been in business together for 37 years. In the decades they’ve run Ces & Judy’s Catering, they’ve seen the rise in the wedding industry and its plethora of opportunities. Intrigued by the possibilities, the successful duo shut down their Frontenac location to start a new venture: The Venue at… Continue reading Love Beside a Lush Lake

Happily Ever After Stories

Happily Ever After: Roxy and the Conyers-McFadden Family

Once upon a time, a young pit bull/boxer mix was picked up wandering the streets of the city. Crestwood Animal Shelter took her in and set her up with a foster family while she waited for her forever home. On one of her first days with her foster family, she jumped the backyard fence and… Continue reading Happily Ever After: Roxy and the Conyers-McFadden Family