Top 50 Tracks of 2015


Last year, I made a list of my favorite music moments of 2014: the EPs, the full-length albums, the songs. (You can find that here). This year, I started keeping track of my favorite songs of 2015 on the very first day of January. I refined it a bit as the year went on, but this is the final product.

My music tastes have shifted and morphed quite a bit in the past year, but my passion for electronic music in a variety of forms remains strong. In 2015, many of my favorite artists have branched out and tried new things. It’s been fun to see their growth as artists and see their fans (myself included) embrace music they otherwise wouldn’t have sought out.

Some of my favorite artists to watch this year have been Illenium, Didrick, Laetho, Said The Sky, Grabbitz, Lost Kings, marshmello, Fareoh, Pusher, Heavy Mellow, ATTLAS, Halogen, Summer Was Fun, Gryffin, Lenno, StéLouse, Young Bombs and Stephen. These guys have consistently put out absolute gold, and I look forward to each new release. 2016 is full of promise for them, and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

I spent my concerts of 2015 with a pretty wide variety of people – as varied as my concert choices were (everything from A Skylit Drive to String Cheese Incident to Arty to Sublime with Rome). Shout-out to all of you for making the concerts even better. You know who you are.

2016 looks bright. While many people only see the bad in electronic music and the industry that surrounds it, there’s so much passion and innovation if you know where to look. Stay humble. Spread good vibes. Here’s to a great 2015 and an even greater 2016!


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