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Fore the Fiercely Feminine

Kim Tuttle, Kari Schindehette and Jacque Bardgett love everything about golf – almost.

Sisters Tuttle and Schindehette and Tuttle’s stepdaughter, Bardgett, found themselves frustrated with women’s golf clothing every time they hit the links. They disliked the shapeless shirts and boring skorts that dominate the market. They wanted something more for their golf attire – something fresh, fierce and feminine.

“The clothes are just always lacking,” Tuttle says. “They never had any style.”

Frustration turned into brainstorming, which turned into the formation of a plan. “We decided this was something we wanted to pursue,” Tuttle says.

The sisters note that now is a great time to pursue this mission for better women’s golf clothing, citing a big push in the golf industry for more women golfers. Although many companies are manufacturing women’s golf clothing, Schindehette says it all looks the same. They wanted to create a line both edgy and modern that women would want to wear both on and off the course.

And so, Motherputter was born.

The three local women worked with a public relations company to come up with names, and as soon as they saw “Motherputter,” they knew “that was it.”

“It has a bit of a rebel vibe,” Schindehette says. “It sounds kind of crazy, but once we got the branding figured out, everything gelled around that.”

Tuttle’s background is in fashion merchandising, and she says working with Motherputter truly takes her back to her roots.

“It’s not just another line of golf clothes,” she says. “We have this vision to create a community for women golfers. We want to bring them together to grow, teach and learn.”

Schindehette says golf has always historically been a men’s sport, but adds that trends show women spending more at pro shops. They hope to get their brand into retail shops, pro shops and specialty stores. Luckily, with a snappy name like Motherputter, Schindehette says that “everybody wants to be part of it.”

They officially launched Motherputter in November 2017 at the Ladies’ Fall Boutique at Meadowbrook Country Club in Ballwin and have continued online sales since. On Jan. 8, they launched the line at Naples Grande Golf Club in Naples, Florida.

The inaugural line from Motherputter consists of funky sleeveless tops, a reversible zip-up vest, a Motherputter signature polo, skorts, shorts and dresses. The trendy golf apparel is all made in the United States and is made of performance-quality fabrics that breathe and move with a body in motion.

“One of the first things we designed was our Sweetwater dress,” Tuttle says. “Golf dresses are a fairly new concept, and we’ve done a different take on it.”

With a dropped waistline, edgy stripe in the back, checked design on the front and a floral top, the Sweetwater dress has been one of the company’s best-sellers since online sales opened. Another best-seller is the Motherputter signature polo; the black polo features a white collar, big-hole mesh sleeves and branded elastic, along with a branded zipper pull.

“We’re trying to break the trends from the old, stodgy men’s styles,” Schindehette says.

Tuttle notes that Motherputter is more than just clothes – it’s an attitude. The clothing pieces are designed with all ages in mind, working to bolster that sense of inclusivity and community the team is going for.

Going forward, the Motherputter team is working hard on its online and social media presence. With goals to grow the community and bring women together in femininity and individuality, the ladies of Motherputter have their sights set high.

“Our mission is to empower women,” Schindehette says. “Golf is such a mentally tough game, but it’s all about confidence. If you look good and feel good, your game is better.”

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