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Monstercat Blog July Feature: MYRNE & Grant

After months of swirling rumours, speculation, and memes, MYRNE and Grant’s long-awaited “Fault” is finally here!

We’ve enjoyed seeing these two become fast friends, and were thrilled when they told us that a collab was on the horizon. The duo have delivered a feisty collaboration called “Fault” on Monstercat Uncaged, featuring the vocal talents of songstress McCall. The sheer complexity of this track stands out from the get-go: it’s layered with twinkling synths and sinister builds that are a perfect blend of the two artists’ styles.

“Fault” is many months in the making, starting when MYRNE came to the United States from his home country of Singapore for the first time in early 2017. The two producers got together at Grant’s dorm room at the University of Southern California, cramming into the tiny space to make music. Nearly a year later, MYRNE came back to the States for a few shows with KRANE, and he and Grant met up again.

“We rented out one of the USC recording studios for a couple hours, and that’s when work on ‘Fault’ really began,” Grant recalls.

It was a short session – only about three hours – before Grant had to go to class. But the two continued working on the song separately after MYRNE went back to Singapore.

“The time difference was pretty challenging, and we’re both perfectionists,” Grant says. “If we were to work on the same part [of a song] together, we’d have way too many ideas and too many tweaks.”

MYRNE worked heavily on the drops and builds for “Fault,” and Grant focused on many of the chord progressions.
“We didn’t reference anything for this song and didn’t have the end product in mind when we started working on it,” MYRNE says. “We were both just having fun trying out some crazy techniques.”

With a mutual respect of each others’ skill sets established, the song came together organically. They each found ways to put their own stamp on the other person’s section, leading to a four-minute venture showcasing Grant and MYRNE at their finest.

On Friday, July 20, both artists have performances at the Monstercat stage at Tomorrowland. But who gets to play the collab?

“MYRNE’s going to play it during his set, and I’m going to come out for that group moment,” Grant says.

The appreciation these two show for each other is immediately apparent, and they’re quick to acknowledge each others’ strong suits.

“I really respect the amount of musical talent Grant puts into his work,” MYRNE says. “It’s so evident in the studio.”

Grant echoes the sentiments back to his collaborator.

“He knows exactly what to layer and when,” he says of MYRNE. “All of his mixes sound so punchy, and he’s just a badass producer in general. This collaboration was two pieces of a puzzle fitting perfectly together.”

This blog post was originally published at monstercat.com. Read it on their website here.

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